Garage Sale Find – Aggie Pillow

One of the things my husband and I love to do is go garage sale-ing. Some days we come home with lots of finds and some days not so many. Half of my house is from garage sales :) Anyway, this one day we weren’t doing so well shopping. We made one last stop at an estate sale. I came across several dollies, so I figured I could make something out of them.And I only paid $3

My husband has been asking me for a little while to make an Aggie pillow/quilt. So, I gave in… I forgot to take a picture of the doily without the applique (sorry!) To get the applique shape, I Googled the A&M logo to put on the pillow. Then started the following steps:

Cut out the backing:

A&M Pillow

Sew the backing to the back:

A&M Pillow

Add the batting to the pillow:

A&M Pillow

Final Product:

A&M Pillow

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1 comments on Garage Sale Find – Aggie Pillow

  1. Brooke says:

    You know I have never visited garage sales like that. I should. You never know what you’ll find.