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New Scottie Dog Pattern!!


I have been trying to finish up several projects I have started over the past couple months – I’m great at starting a project and never finishing. LOL! I have several more projects in mind, but decided I need to finish a couple before I “allowed” myself to start anything new. So, I have almost [...]

Houston Quilt Show!!


This past weekend, I took a day off work and went to the International Houston Quilt Show (one of the biggest in the world I had a ton of fun!! It was a nice girl’s day – my grandma, mom, best friend (Leah) and I all went. I told myself that that I wasn’t going [...]

Bluebonnet Pillow


Sorry, I haven’t posted in a week. It’s been a very busy week! First, my amazing husband got inducted to an honor society at Texas A&M (I’m so proud of him!!) Then, we’ve had several get-togethers to go to. An today is my birthday!!! Yesterday, we went shotgun shooting (I use to shoot competitively, so [...]

Garage Sale Find – Aggie Pillow


One of the things my husband and I love to do is go garage sale-ing. Some days we come home with lots of finds and some days not so many. Half of my house is from garage sales Anyway, this one day we weren’t doing so well shopping. We made one last stop at an [...]