Blissdom In 2 Weeks!

I haven’t been great at updating my blog lately. But, I’m really excited because I am going to Blissdom in about a week and a half with my mom. I’m really excited to meet alot of other bloggers and get some girl time with my mom! Hopefully, this will help me be able to put better pictures on my blog for you guys :)

Since the last time, I’ve posted several things have happened with Jesse and I. We celebrated 3 wonderful years of marriage and found out we will be moving to Austin in May/June. Jesse got a job at Samsung and now we are starting to look for a home and a job for me. I haven’t had much time to quilt since I’ve been busy with moving details and work :) Hopefully, I will have a new project for you guys soon. I’ll be posting pictures of Blissdom soon afterwards!


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