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Bluebonnet Pillow


Sorry, I haven’t posted in a week. It’s been a very busy week! First, my amazing husband got inducted to an honor society at Texas A&M (I’m so proud of him!!) Then, we’ve had several get-togethers to go to. An today is my birthday!!! Yesterday, we went shotgun shooting (I use to shoot competitively, so [...]

Garage Sale Find – Aggie Pillow


One of the things my husband and I love to do is go garage sale-ing. Some days we come home with lots of finds and some days not so many. Half of my house is from garage sales Anyway, this one day we weren’t doing so well shopping. We made one last stop at an [...]

Grandma’s House


I went to visit my grandparents this last weekend. They live out on 60 acres, so it was nice to be outside and enjoy God’s creation. But we also spent some time in my Grandma’s workroom. My grandma and I both LOVE to quilt, so we are always sharing our new projects and ideas. I’m [...]

Come Party with Us at Ultimate Blog Party


This is my first blog party. I hope to get to know several other bloggers. If you want to join the party, click here. Here is a little about myself: My name is Ashley Ortega. I have been quilting since I was in upper-elementary school. My mom signed my sister and I up for a [...]

Hubby’s Quilt


This is my first post…so, I thought I would share the first quilt I made for my hubby. We were just dating at the time. It was the first birthday he had as a couple. I decided to make him quilt and almost had it finished – it was the day of his birthday and [...]