Hubby’s Quilt

This is my first post…so, I thought I would share the first quilt I made for my hubby. We were just dating at the time. It was the first birthday he had as a couple. I decided to make him quilt and almost had it finished – it was the day of his birthday and he got off work around 3 or 4.

I was trying to get the binding on when I accidentally sewed my finger. The needle from the machine broke off and my sister took me to the ER. Jesse met me and my dad at the hospital (he still had no clue that the quilt I was working on was for him – he thought it was for my grandma :) We finished up there and went back to my parent’s house to celebrate his birthday – I was still a little doped up on medicine but went in and handed him the un-finished quilt. He was in-shock and felt so bad about my finger that he had a hard time taking it. Finally, I convinced him to take it and he loved it. It’s still in our house to this day.

Here’s some pictures of the quilt:


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1 comments on Hubby’s Quilt

  1. Alie says:

    Love the colors and patterns. I think quilting is so cool. Visiting from UBP12.