Grandma’s House

I went to visit my grandparents this last weekend. They live out on 60 acres, so it was nice to be outside and enjoy God’s creation. But we also spent some time in my Grandma’s workroom. My grandma and I both LOVE to quilt, so we are always sharing our new projects and ideas. I’m jealous…she has a whole workroom devoted to her sewing projects (one day, I’ll have that too :)

My grandma always ends up giving me things when I go to visit her and my grandpa. This time, she had gone to Warrington (an attic show in Texas) where she bought me a Christmas wall hanging. (I know it’s not Christmas, but it’s cute so I thought I would share anyway)

Christmas Wall Hanging

She also knows I LOVE butterflies, so she got these salt & pepper shakers for me. What she didn’t know is that I’m trying to collect a pair of salt & pepper shakers for every season of the year.

Stay tuned later this week to see a pillow that I created out of a garage sale find!

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